Bob Carlin
Producer, Performer, Teacher & Researcher

Bob Carlin, Performer & Teacher

Banjoist Bob Carlin has been offering performances, lectures and workshops for over thirty years. Carlin had largely left the solo arena in the mid-1990s after an invitation to join the band of songwriter John Hartford.

For six years, Bob Carlin toured throughout the United States and Canada with Hartford, even accompanying John on a ten day Japanese sojourn. Since the death of John Hartford in 2001, Bob Carlin has returned to solo performing, teaching and appearances with other musicians.

See Bob talk about his performing and teaching on WRAL-TV (you'll need to click on the story's title, "Mountain History Resonates With 'Banjo Man'."

I wanted to let you know that in the short time since the music camp, I have made major break-throughs with my music. I attribute these to your lessons primarily although I'm sure the total overall experience was also helpful. I have always had extreme difficulty picking up songs by ear. In the past month I have found myself playing some old songs over and over in my head, complete with left and right hand fingering, although my hands do not move. When this happens a few times I am able to pick up my banjo and play the tune note for note within a few minutes. This is never a conscious thing, but just happens when a song gets stuck in my head. I'm sure other people experience this sort of thing, and probably describe it in many different ways, but for me it has always been a missing link in my musical experience. I can't pinpoint exactly when or how this came about but I am certain it had a lot to do with your class. I feel now that doors are open to me that have been out of my reach all my life.

I just thought you should know that as a teacher, you have accomplished something I never believed would have been possible.

--Doug Burr
Student at 2011 Music Camp at Grass Valley, CA

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