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Gold Tone Bob Carlin
Signature Model BC-350 and 350+ and the new BC-120
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Over the past four years I have been collaborating with Gold Tone to create open back banjos with the Old Time player in mind. Our efforts have come together in the Bob Carlin BC-350 and BC-350+and new BC-120. To purchase visit your Gold Tone dealer, or purchase one directly. Contact me for details!

Rave Reviews for the BC-350

Just a note of appreciation for the bc-350. Thx for making such a nice, affordable, and just fantastic sounding clawhammer banjo. It really had everything I was looking for ie the 12" rim, wide neck, ren head, all at a great price, only change Ive made was putting a heavy moon bridge on it, and using phos bronze 4th string for more fat low tone. Ive had mine for several months now .... It has somehow got some deep plunk and yet still has the bright crack that cuts through in a stringband. Maybe its that mammoth solid neck married to the fairly light resonant rim w/ the ren head, dunno but its a full spectrum sound that I really dig. Thanx for making such a unique and nice pro instrument at a reasonable price.

--Ian Gamble, The Moss Piglets band

Review at says
"Banjo was setup perfect right out of the box. Action was great."
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Bob Carlin strings his BC-350 with J61 D'Addario banjo strings.
Bob proudly uses
Shubb Capos

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