Bob Carlin
Producer, Performer, Teacher & Researcher
John Hartford
"Bob produces our records and gets a freshness out of us that we can't seem to get any other way. In addition to being a fine record producer he really knows about microphones and all the sophisticated electronics that go in to all that."
Del Ray
"Working with producer Bob Carlin was a great help in getting my album X-Rey Guitar to sound like I wanted. He has Big Ears, discriminating taste and knows when to speak up and when to shut up."
The Reel Time Travelers
"Bob has the amazing ability to grasp the heart and soul of our music, while paying attention to all the production details. He is a true professional, and a heck of a fun guy to be around."

2401 W. Center Street Ext. • Lexington, NC 27295
(336) 248-6202 • e-mail